WELCOME to Offshore Procurement Services
As continuing cost pressures drive companies to do more with less, the spotlight is turning toward supply management, resulting in firms focusing on their core business and identifying the best destination for their services requirements. One significant trend emerging is overseas supply management outsourcing.

Overseas supply management outsourcing is a powerful weapon that many leading Companies are using to create and build new and strategic competitive advantages, beyond just the price factor. This is equally applicable to direct procurement (products and materials) as well as indirect procurement (facilities and services).

Whether an organization is sourcing or operating offshore, to be successful requires identifying the right local partners and liaisons. With multiple relationships throughout Asia and utilizing respected sourcing companies and supply chain logistics experts, we offer our clients a turnkey service that permits rapid deployment of their offshore strategy at a minimal cost and risk. Our practical business experience combined with broad commercial transaction expertise, positions us as a trusted advisor in the global economy. 
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