International procurement expertise and global supplier networks provide the best value for our clients, Our group has the experience and expertise to:
  • Develop supply options to meet specific project requirements.
  • Identify and pre-qualify suppliers.
  • Provide quality assessments and quality management services.
  • Provide purchase order administration, expedition, supplier quality surveillance (SQS), logistics, freight forwarded management, finance.
  • Offer general consulting.
We have a wide range of expertise in both hard (durable) and soft (non-durable) goods, we provide different sourcing models so that we can ensure that our clients needs are met whatever sourcing strategy they may be looking to implement or have implemented. Our objective is to help our clients obtain the best TCO, total cost of ownership and quality of service with new or existing suppliers. We serve our clients by reducing their cost and cycle time, utilizing industry best practices and real-time market intelligence. Through collaboration with our clients and the suppliers, our customers averagely made over 15% savings across all spend categories.
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